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Deportation of the Ingush People | 23.02.1944 | Депортация Ингушей

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Описание материала:

Operation Lentil (russ. "Chechevitsa")Genocide committed against the Ingush and Chechens (Vainakh).- - - - - - - - - -More than half of the Ingush population perished during it... Some of hunger, cold, illness, most of them on the road, others in the deserts of Central Asia.Tens (or possibly hundreds) of thousands of Ingush and Chechens died or were killed during the round-ups and the transportation, and in their early years in exile. The survivors were not allowed to return to their native lands until 1957.When the Ingush and Chechens returned to their homeland, they found other people living, quite literally, in their homes, and viewed these other ethnicities (Ossetians, Russians, Laks, Kumyks and Avars) with hostility. Conflicts between Ossetians and Ingush in Prigorodny District (Ingushetia), and between Russians/Cossacks and Chechens in northern Chechnya, simmered and threatened to boil over into violence many times.With this Stalin set up a "delay-action bomb".When the Ingush were forced to leave their homes in 1944. The territory of Ingushetia had been divided by Stalin among the neighboring peoples (among them, Georgia). And when the Ingush were starting to return in the late 50's, Georgians who had lived in the homes of the Ingush, gladly returned it to them. They were happy to see their neighbours, and said that they couldn't live in others peoples houses. The Ossetians, however, were not thrilled to see the Ingush people return, they refused to give back their houses and land. Many of them up to his day still live in Ingush homes. This caused many conflicts among the Ingush and Ossetians... wich led to the Ingush-Ossetian Conflict of 1992. The Genocide of the Ingush People (Buro/Vladikavkaz).This time the Russian government was out to start a war against Chechnya and they used the conflict between the Ingush and the Ossetians to their advantage. Yeltsin promised both sides, Ingush and Ossetian, that the Russian government would help end the conflict peacefully. The Ingush people, naive and unarmed, took Yeltsin for his word. But, then out of nowhere, Russia took up arms alongside the Ossetians, against the (unaware) Ingush and started bombing and killing the unarmed Ingush people. From there they went on to Chechnya (through Ingushetia).Buro (Vladikavkaz), wich always had been the home of the Ingush people, became the capital of North-Ossetia. Many Ingush, were yet again forced to leave their homes in Vladikavkaz (Buro, Ingushetia) and Prigorodny District (Ingushetia). And just like after the genocide of 1944, Ossetians entered the homes of the Ingush, and many have not been returned up to this day. "The delay-action bomb of Stalin"Why Stalid did it? Because the Vainakh are a proud and free people, honored among all the other honorable peoples in the Caucasus. They will never submit to, foreign or any sort of ruling.The Ingush people, even though they are currently a federal subject of Russia, still settle many things settled according to ancient customs. "Only God can be above us" as the Ingush would say. Their code of honor "Ezdel", is still as strong today as it was centuries ago. http://www.facebook.com/RepIngushetia

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:08:45
Автор: IngHeart
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